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Bradshaw Residence

This three-bedroom residence and property is affectionally referred to by the owners as “The Farm.” Located in the fast-growing East Atlanta area, the majority of the 1.7 acre site is within the 100-year floodplain. The site’s location and hydrology required careful analysis of the structure’s elevation, configuration and placement, including detailed calculations from the civil engineer.

The desire for interior open space, daylighting, and exterior views guided much of the design and layout of this project. Designed for casual living and entertaining, the placement and design of the house provides indoor and outdoor living spaces with dramatic views to the outdoors and the stream along one edge of the property. The main living area is visually conntected to the large outdoor deck with a two story shaded window wall, bringing natural views and controlled daylight into the home. A combination of “barn red” horizontal and vertical board and batten siding reinforces the casual farm-inspired design.

Atlanta, Georgia


Fred and Barbara Bradshaw

Project Metrics
3,040 SF Conditioned
960 SF Unconditioned & Covered Exterior
4,000 SF Total

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