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Cobb County-Marietta Water Authority

This project for a new headquarters for the Authority consists of a comprehensive renovation of an existing building. The existing building contained 10,930 SF of office and support space and 3,150 SF of unconditioned warehouse space within the building envelope.

The completed renovation reorganized the building to utilize the office and former warehouse for administrative, engineering, and operations functions. The interior environment has been transformed using daylighting, energy efficient lighting, and new mechanical systems. The building envelope has been upgraded with high performance windows, a new roof, and the addition of wall and roof insulation. Exterior wall-mounted sun-shading devices were added on the southeast and southwest facades to reduce solar gain and improve interior daylighting.

Marietta, Georgia

Interior Design

Cobb County-Marietta Water Authority

Project Metrics
14,080 SF

1.5 million

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