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CSX Transportation Facilities

Gerding Collaborative has worked with CSX Transportation on various rail yard structures since 2012. Together with a new director of facilities design for CSX, Gerding Collaborative has endeavored to humanize the rail yard structures. We are glad to be a part of the effort to rejuvenate CSX’s building program.

The Mechanical Office Building at Stanley Yard (IMAGE AT RIGHT) is one of the first CSX projects in the new effort to enhance the building program. It provides training and office area, as well as staff utilities. The curved area enables the general foreman to have an unobstructed view of rail tracks while being a highlight of the building. New concepts incorporated in this new design direction will serve inform subsequent structures.


Avon – 2,897 SF Support Building
Evansville – 784 SF Communications Storage Building

Cumberland – 3,000 SF Air Compressor Building

Hamilton – 8,460 SF Engineering Maintenance of Way Building
Cleveland – 6,322 SF Rail Car Shed over Tracks
Walbridge – 3,485 SF Mechanical Office Building

Interior Design

CSX Transportation

Project Metrics
Buildings up to 8,460 SF


20140621_095753a (reduced)

1 - Stanley Walbridge 4-30-14 - 3D View - NORTH WEST CORNER

C:UserscugenyiDocumentsWalbridge CMU with Panel Accents4-4-1