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Neoterra Townhomes

This project consists of nine three-bedroom, three-story townhomes on a 0.44 acre infill site east of downtown Atlanta in the fast-growing Dekalb Avenue corridor. The desire for communal and private outdoor spaces guided much of the design and layout of this project. The townhomes wrap around two sides of the site, bounding the remaining green space by building and street. Each unit has physical access to this lawn through a front door on the ground level and visual access provided by balconies located on two levels of each unit. Private outdoor space occurs on each unit’s rooftop garden that contains green space and a shaded patio, accessible by vertical circulation from the third floor.

The building roofs are optimized as outdoor living space utilizing a combination of roof decks and vegetated green roofs. R-15 insulation is used in walls and R-30 in the floor systems. Energy efficiency is boosted through the use of non-formaldehyde spray foam insulation at the underside of roof decks and high-efficiency HVAC units. Rapidly-renewable bamboo flooring is used throughout the project.

The pre-development state of this site consisted of an abandoned asphalt parking lot with uncontrolled stormwater runoff. The completed project includes a high percentage of green space with new trees and landscaping. Three low-cost underground concrete tanks with a combined storage capacity of 6,000 gallons provide stormwater retention and serve as cisterns for landscape irrigation. Site stormwater is stored in linked 1,500 and 3,000 gallon tanks. Rainwater from the roofs is collected and stored in a 1,500 gallon cistern. This water is pumped from the cistern for landscape irrigation use.

Atlanta, Georgia

Interior Design

Neoterra, LLC

Project Metrics
Nine 3-bedroom Townhomes – 1,808 SF to 2,421 SF
15,379 SF Conditioned
3,341 SF Covered Exterior
18,720 SF Total

$2.2 million

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