Gerding Collaborative Defined

Gerding Collaborative establishes mutually respectful relationships with our clients, consultants, and employees. We provide innovative and forward thinking leadership for specialty projects and long-term clients.

We accomplish this through a focus on:

  • Our purpose, by keeping our vision clear
  • Our clients, by being responsible stewards of their resources
  • Our people, by cultivating their professional and personal development
  • Our procedures, by creating and adhering to efficient processes

The Thinking Behind Our Design

Our design strategies carefully consider the needs and requirements of our client, the building’s future occupants, the project’s relationship to the existing environment, and efficient use of space and material. The concepts of Human Culture, Environmental Conservation, and Economic Appropriateness form a triangle of planning principles that guide our design approach.

Human Culture
Who will use the facility, and how will they use it? Key project goals are identified through the process of answering these simple questions. The extent to which these goals are met is an important benchmark in determining the overall success of a project.

Environmental Conservation
We seek ecologically sensitive solutions that promote responsible use of energy, land and water resources. Site and building design must consider the impact of decisions on the user of the facility as well as the impact on the environment.

Economic Appropriateness
The true cost of a project is the value received compared to capital expenditures. Regardless of budget, efficient planning and use of materials and construction methods are fundamental goals. This principle can be summed up as ‘spend wisely.’