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Seven and Company Salon

Seven and Co. combines retail space with a full service hair salon that can accommodate up to eight stylists. The modern-industrial design is a reflection of the latest trends and techniques embodied in the hair styles created within the salon.

Of prime concern to the owners was that the salon be very comfortable for guests, consistently providing a calm and soothing environment. Gold and blond toned finishes were derived from the owners’ desire to relate to, and represent, nature and its calming influences. These colors compliment the warmly stained concrete floor while contrasting and softening the effects of the unfinished concrete ceiling. Hanging mirrors mounted on floating panels are suspended from the ceiling using a cable system, allowing the space feel more open and to be filled with daylight.

The curved green wall that runs the length of the suite serves to separate the public space from the more private areas of the salon. The shampoo and processing rooms are shielded from the public eye to maintain a level of privacy for patrons, while the styling area is completely visible to passers-by so that the designers’ work can be seen.

As a start-up business for the owners, the project budget was limited. By utilizing a simple plan layout, minimal and strategic construction, and simple, purposeful finishes, the space creates a sense of elegant simplicity.

Buford, Georgia

Interior Design

Seven and Company Salon

Project Metrics
1,934 SF


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