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All Things Healing

Spiritual Retreat and Learning Center

The All Things Healing Spiritual Retreat and Learning Center (ATH) consists of five buildings and three pavilions on a rugged 11 acre site near San Ramon, Costa Rica. The client desired the campus to express the Center’s core values: environmental responsibility, community, and harmony with the natural environment. Major design goals included restoration of the site’s ecology, use of local construction methods and materials, and a strong interaction between interior and exterior spaces. The facilities include an open-air reception building, flexible classrooms, dining hall with indoor and outdoor dining, long stay residences for teachers and guests, a private residence for the founders, a 70 person hotel with support lounges, and various open air pavilions for classes and taking in the view to the Pacific ocean.

Cultural, Spatial, and Materials Design Goals
· Allow site landscape and ecology to guide development of program
· Create an engaging guest experience
· Allow Costa Rican culture and building typologies to guide our vocabularies
· Create appropriate spatial experiences to respond to emotional needs of program
· Use sensory experience (from site and architecture) to create rich user experience
· Use local materials and construction methods to ensure design integrity and economy

Sustainability Guidelines
· Minimize building footprint and provide spaces appropriately designed for their function
· Restore tree canopy and indigenous ecosystems
· Implement a long-term Erosion and Sediment Control Plan
· Implement a Stormwater Management Plan
· Use passive design strategies: daylighting, passive heating/cooling, natural ventilation, optimized building orientation, fenestration, etc.
· Minimize overall energy consumption
· Use rainwater harvesting and greywater systems
· Implement a Wastewater Management Plan considering bio-digester, living machine, composting toilets, greywater systems, etc.
· Use renewable energy: cylinder wind (post-occupancy), solar thermal, PV, etc.
· Use eco-friendly materials, including rapidly renewable and local
· Provide shading walls and shade protected openings
· Use high performance equipment (Energy Star, reduction burners)

San Ramon, Costa Rica

Green Building Consultant

Dr. Neala Peake and John Sewell

Project Metrics
Reception Building A – 1,143 SF
Classroom Building C – 6,430 SF
Teaching Pavilion D – 1,500 SF
Guest Lodging F – 7,122 SF
Dining Pavilion G – 5,675 SF
Long-Term Lodging H – 6,603 SF
Residence I – 4,269 SF
32,742 SF Total